Triple City ecosystem is the first and only space in Albania in which individuals work, learn, and live as part of a community where their work is leaded by entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. The Triple City initiative arose from the lack of a ‘one stop shop’ in the domestic market which offers an advanced infrastructure, technology, network and expertise in the business and innovation fields. This ecosystem helps entrepreneurs, freelancers, locals and foreign, professionals and experts, producers and innovators, students and young educators to collaborate, train and develop in a professional community within a technological infrastructure that promote and support new enterprises and individual projects. What makes Triple City special is the combination of a modern building, equipped with the latest technology, with a professional team and innovative entrepreneurs, within a sustainable space, which provides the necessary knowledge and mechanisms to guarantee long-term success (local and global networks - design, testing, commercialization - activities - events - challenges and competitions - incubation and acceleration - business services - financing).