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“Innovation in entrepreneurship as a challenge to increase competition and promoter of economic growth in the context of digital economy”

Triple City held today a consultative meeting with the Secretariat of the […]

Supporting women- led Starts – up in Tirana

CONTEXTGender inequality is not only a pressing moral and social issue but […]

OTP Bank është duke kërkuar partnerë të rinj për startup!

OTP Bank është duke kërkuar partnerë të rinj për startup!Budapest, 14 Tetor […]
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Business Terminal is a physical structure and virtual platform organized in six units. Each unit operates as a "one stop shop" offering tailored solutions for businesses, at all stages of their life cycle.

Open and Cross Sectoral Space

More than just office space. Co-working space for startups, SMEs, freelancers, local and international experts, who are passionate about creative working and development of ideas in open spaces. Book your space to:

  • belong to a community that support you professionally;
  • gain accessibility and sustainability;
  • become part of a productive and collaborative environment;
  • connect to a local and global network of professional;
  • find new clients, partners and markets.
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Business Support Center- Growth catalyst of enterprises

Business Support Center provides personalized support and solutions ensuring a measurable impact on the performance and further development of your enterprise. “Pit Stop” Business Support Center is your business partner in:

  • Providing integrated and centralized services and solutions;
  • Offering the experience of a group of experts among the best in the field, from various entrepreneurial functions;
  • Providing cost-effective outsourcing services, enabling the reduction of operational costs;
  • Saving a lot of valuable effort and time
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Professional Skills for Entrepreneurs

Business & Startup Academy helps businesses by providing efficient and specialized opportunities to increase the management capacity of entrepreneurs and their staff, Delivering applicable knowledge and skills to guarantee success in the business world, Business & Startup Academy helps you to:

  • Equip with all the skills and knowledge needed to put your entrepreneurial ideas into practice;
  • Provide interactive, innovative and flexible training modules for all phases of the business life cycle;
  • Offers tailored programs to meet your company’s objectives;
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Business Incubator & Accelerator

Our incubators and accelerators provide fertile environments in which innovative ideas are cultivated under the care of the best mentors and consultants. Start-ups attending these incubation and acceleration programs, in addition to ongoing mentoring, consulting and training, will have the opportunity to utilize the sophisticated infrastructure, laboratories, equipment and technology of Business Terminal.

  • Socio-economic development, through the creation of companies that generate income and employment opportunities;
  • Promoting entrepreneurial knowledge and business development by strengthening competition and market positioning;
  • Providing technical assistance and support services in those sectors where startups need it most;
  • Consolidating companies by helping them overcome technical barriers;
  • Creating a suitable environment for entrepreneurship development;
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Soft Landing & Smart takeoff

The endless possibilities offered by today ‘s communication technologies make it possible for any business to aspire to become global or at least have access to other markets outside the national borders. The Gate is designed to provide support and guidance to interested businesses, to accelerate of the process of exploring new markets through knowledge, experience, information and networking.

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Center of Excellence for Business and Competition

The Center for Excellence in Business and Competition provides access to expertise, guiding businesses on the path of exploring and acquiring new forms of doing business, and adaping to new technologies.The Center of Excellence for Business and Competition is engaged in conducting studies which:

  • identify new risks and opportunities for businesses;
  • provide innovative solutions to current problems and challenges;
  • provide an overview of the market in which businesses operate by studying:
    • New industry trends;
    • Changes in consumer needs and purchasing behaviors;
  • Identify organizational needs;
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Open and Cross Sectoral Space
Business Support Center - Catalyst of enterprises
Professional Skills for Entrepreneurs
Business Incubator & Accelerator
City Gate
Soft Landing & Smart takeoff
Center of Excellence for Business & Competition



The Business Terminal structures its activity in 5 main functions which accompany businesses in different stages of their development (idea - startup - incubate - spin off - accelerate - growth) thus providing a more personalized support in order to have a direct and measurable impact on the performance and further development of the business.

Delivering value - Support services for startups and SMEs that need to further develop their capacity or seek to explore new business opportunities.

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Delivering value - Support services for startups and SMEs that need to further develop their capacity or seek to explore new business opportunities.

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Committed to your success - Sustainability through shared knowledge and ideas, new market opportunities, useful connections and grater brand awareness. Business is all about networking, building relationships and taking action. As an entrepreneur, the benefits of networking are critical to your personal growth and business development.

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Your success, our business - Strengthening your enterprises with access to capital and assistance in applying for grant schemes.

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More than training - Building capabilities at scale to drive change and promoting a work culture of continuous learning.

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Encouraging an entrepreneurial society through economic growth, employment creation, and marginalized groups empowerment.

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    Social and Inclusive Business
    Young Entrepreneurs
    Women in Business
    Entrepreneurship & Human Capital
    Virtual Business Incubator and Accelerator
    Business Toolbox



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